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Analytics and Reporting power-ups are usually paid so there aren't a lot of free options here. If you want to see more in-depth reviews of all the best Trello reporting power-ups check out our guide to Trello reporting power-ups.

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Top free Trello reporting power-ups

Dashcards Logo


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Dashcards is probably the first place to start if you want some simple reporting within Trello. It is built by Trello and is free to use so there should be no IT/security or cost concerns to giving it a try. It is fairly limited in what it can do, but you can easily give it a go and if it's not delivering what you need maybe take a look at our flexible reporting with Trello guide for some more in depth reporting options.

Swimlanes by Blue Cat Logo

Swimlanes by Blue Cat

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Swimlanes adds a great new view to your Trello boards. You can view your Trello boards broken down by member, label or custom field. This lets you see which team members have work at different stages in the process, or get the same breakdown for any of the labels or custom fields you use. You can also easily drag and drop to reassign cards between members or change labels or custom fields.

Note: Not using custom fields yet? check out our guide to custom fields

All free power-ups

Card Aging Logo

Card Aging

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Quickly visualize inactive cards on your board, and keep tasks from going incomplete.

Timeline, Calendar, Time Tracking by Planyway Logo

Timeline, Calendar, Time Tracking by Planyway

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Resource planning, time tracking, multi-board view, swimlanes, recurring tasks, dependencies, Gantt chart timeline, Google calendar

TeamGantt Logo


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View your cards in a beautiful timeline with the popular project scheduling tool used by thousands of customers in over 120 countries.

Dashcards Logo


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Turn any board into a dashboard and track work across Trello with a new type of card

Amazing Fields Logo

Amazing Fields

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Build your custom workflow with extra data for cards with formulas, formatting, styling, custom fields, and everything else you could need.

Deadlines by Elegantt Logo

Deadlines by Elegantt

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Visualize your Trello due dates at a single glance

BigPicture Logo


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BigPicture Gantt chart power-up for Project Portfolio Management. Structure your tasks on a timeline - calendar. Work like a pro in Trello!

Burndown for Trello Logo

Burndown for Trello

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Activity Logo


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Track your effort put into every card. Make your time count and find out what’s taking so long.

Swimlanes by Blue Cat Logo

Swimlanes by Blue Cat

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Swimlanes for your Trello Boards, group cards by Label, Member, Custom Fields and more😻FREE😻

Matrix for Trello Logo

Matrix for Trello

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Add a customizable two-dimensional matrix to your board. Packed with features, it is great for making a Risk matrix.

Undo for Trello Logo

Undo for Trello

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One-click restore for your business-critical data on Trello

Assista | Time Tracking Bot Logo

Assista | Time Tracking Bot

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⌛Track your time effortlessly without start/stop buttons. Monitor the `in progress` projects of your kanban team

SumUp Logo


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Add values to your cards, such as dollars or hours, and show the total at the top of each list. 💡

Print Board Logo

Print Board

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Get a printable overview of your board with all the lists and cards in your board. Customize which lists and fields to print.

Time Tracking Power-Up by Everhour Logo

Time Tracking Power-Up by Everhour

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100% free time tracker for Trello. Set estimates, track time, generate detailed reports, export CSV. Unlimited users.

Habit Tracker by UpgradeYourBrain Logo

Habit Tracker by UpgradeYourBrain

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Habit tracker for trello integrated with personal task management systems such as GTD

Insights Logo


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Instantly get insight into the health of your board and lists

GoodGantt Logo


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Realtime Gantt Chart

Flash Logo


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🔍 Monitor the lead times of your cards in one click !

Pivot Table (by Logo

Pivot Table (by

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Pivot table functionality for Trello boards (cross-tabs by custom fields, members, lists, etc.)

Time tracker by Tracking Time Logo

Time tracker by Tracking Time

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Simple Time Tracking for Trello. Easily track your Trello Cards and get automatic timesheets 🥹

view26 Reports Logo

view26 Reports

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Flexible and Simple Trello Reporting. Easy Custom Charts, Dashboards and Reports right within Trello

Dashboards by Blue Dasher Logo

Dashboards by Blue Dasher

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Free simple table view overlay with milestones, blocking, dependencies, filters, and sorting in a single project management dashboard.

Standard Deviation Logo

Standard Deviation

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A free power-up that allows you to calculate the “standard deviation” in the simplest way.

Critical Value Calculator Logo

Critical Value Calculator

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Critical Value Calculator calculates T, Z, F, CHI square and R value

Slope Calculator Logo

Slope Calculator

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The slope calculator is a simplest power-up that calculates the slope of a line using two points or the equation of line

Card Age for Trello Logo

Card Age for Trello

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Badge to display time spent since creation

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