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Take a break and let the robots do your work for you! 🤖 These free Trello automation power-ups can remove the repetitive work from your boards

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Card Repeater Logo

Card Repeater

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Card repeater is the easiest way to make sure repeating tasks always get done! Check out our blog post on how Pillow May manage over 100 clients in Trello to see how they use the Card Repeater power-up to make sure no client work is missed. The card repeater power-up is easy to use, simply create a card then set how often you want it to repeat and which list it should be created in when it repeats.

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Card Repeater Logo

Card Repeater

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Automatically copy Trello cards for repeated tasks to save time and bring process to your workflow.

Card Snooze Logo

Card Snooze

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Snooze (archive) a card until a certain time, when it will be restored to the board.

Bulk Actions Logo

Bulk Actions

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Perform actions (move, custom fields, change labels, delete, etc.) on multiple cards in one go. Search/filter. Track dependencies.

Card Delete Logo

Card Delete

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Delete cards in two clicks without having to archive

Card Done Logo

Card Done

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✅ One button to finish your Trello cards! Includes due date automation and more ⚡️

Smart Fields Logo

Smart Fields

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Custom Fields on steroids - Use formulas to update Trello cards just like in Excel!

Booklet by Vince Logo

Booklet by Vince

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The Swiss Army knife to master sorting, exporting, checklist conversion, and more to make Trello even more powerful!

Manny Logo


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Move multiple cards with ease!

Habit Tracker by UpgradeYourBrain Logo

Habit Tracker by UpgradeYourBrain

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Habit tracker for trello integrated with personal task management systems such as GTD

SLAs for Trello Logo

SLAs for Trello

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Track the time your cards spend in lists against SLA goals.

Portant Document Merge Logo

Portant Document Merge

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Card-to-Document | Generate Google Documents from your Trello Cards and attach the file back onto the card (works with Custom Fields)

Gaming Backlog Logo

Gaming Backlog

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Integrate with Steam to track your unplayed video games.

Merge Checklists Logo

Merge Checklists

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Combine checklists across your board

Pocket a Card Logo

Pocket a Card

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Elevate card organization beyond simple archiving

AutoPlan Logo


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Supercharge planning with AI-generated tasks, enhanced descriptions and automatic checklists for your Trello boards!

Google Forms Sync Logo

Google Forms Sync

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Connect your Trello boards to your Google Forms and automatically add cards to your boards as soon as new responses are submitted.

Switcheroo Logo


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Copy lists and switch out variables inside cards at the same time!

Wordefy (Export card to Word) Logo

Wordefy (Export card to Word)

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Export your Trello cards to Word documents in a single click! Wordefy automatically transfers all card details directly into a new Word doc.

Telegram Notifications (Telegram Bot for Trello) Logo

Telegram Notifications (Telegram Bot for Trello)

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Connect your boards to Telegram and be always up-to-date

Card Cover Refresher Logo

Card Cover Refresher

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Automatically refresh Card Cover images

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