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These free Trello board utilities live on your Trello boards and can improve them hugely without you needing to open or do anything with them. Others add clever new functionality to your boards. As you might expect, this is one of the largest categories and there are many free power-ups listed here. Because there are so many to pick from we are going to allow ourselves a top 5 this time! 😻

Check out our top picks below, or scroll down to the full list

Top 5 Free Board Utility Trello power-ups

Calendar Power-Up Logo

Calendar Power-Up

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No other power-up comes close to Calendar with it's 9M+ installs! This is the best way to see your cards due dates by week or month, drag and drop to change due dates, filter your cards and export your cards to 3rd party calendar apps.

List Limits Logo

List Limits

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List limits lets you set an ideal limit to the number of cards in any given list, when you go over that number the list will change colour to red. I use this on my main Trello board to see when I am taking on too many tasks in parallel. Teams can use this in the same way, to get some visual feedback if they are trying to do to many things at the same time. Limiting work in progress like this is a key principle of Kanban so if you are already working Kanban you likely are trying to limit WIP in some way, but I think everyone can benefit from this same simple approach to managing their workflow.

Bonus: Because it is developed by Trello, this power-up is one of the few which also works on mobile.

Card Aging Logo

Card Aging

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Another power-up from the team at Trello and one of our top picks in our board utilities for reporting guide. Card aging makes it easy to spot cards which haven't had any updates made to them recently. For something a bit more robust you should check out our time in list power-up which shows exactly how long each card has been in it's current list.

Import to Trello by Blue Cat (CSV, Excel) Logo

Import to Trello by Blue Cat (CSV, Excel)

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Need to get a spreadsheet of cards into Trello? Then check out the only free imports power-up. Easily import cards from excel, CSV or google sheets. Import data into all the standard Trello fields as well as any custom fields. You can even use this in combination with Trello's export feature to create and restore backups of your boards.

Forms by Blue Cat Logo

Forms by Blue Cat

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Forms has a free tier which limits some of the functionality and the number of form fills you can accept each month. Use forms to create great looking forms which create cards on your boards. You can map form fields to all the standard Trello fields, custom fields and even have attachments added to your cards.

All free power-ups

Calendar Power-Up Logo

Calendar Power-Up

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Visualize Trello cards in a calendar view.

List Limits Logo

List Limits

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Set a limit on your lists to highlight them if the number of cards in it passes the limit.

Voting Logo


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Give power to the people, and allow users to vote on cards.

Card Repeater Logo

Card Repeater

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Automatically copy Trello cards for repeated tasks to save time and bring process to your workflow.

Card Aging Logo

Card Aging

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Quickly visualize inactive cards on your board, and keep tasks from going incomplete.

Card Snooze Logo

Card Snooze

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Snooze (archive) a card until a certain time, when it will be restored to the board.

Package Tracker Logo

Package Tracker

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Track packages right from Trello and get always up-to-date info on orders and shipments.

Card Numbers by Reenhanced Logo

Card Numbers by Reenhanced

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Expose Trello's internal card numbering on every card

Agile Tools by Corrello Logo

Agile Tools by Corrello

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⭐FREE Story Points and WIP Limits⭐ - Agile Tools is fully integrated with Corrello Agile Dashboards

Read Me Logo

Read Me

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Write a "Read Me" for your board in Markdown! 📝

Countdown Logo


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A countdown to when your important tasks are due!

Bulk Actions Logo

Bulk Actions

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Perform actions (move, custom fields, change labels, delete, etc.) on multiple cards in one go. Search/filter. Track dependencies.

Dashcards Logo


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Turn any board into a dashboard and track work across Trello with a new type of card

Amazing Fields Logo

Amazing Fields

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Build your custom workflow with extra data for cards with formulas, formatting, styling, custom fields, and everything else you could need.

Card Dependencies by Screenful Logo

Card Dependencies by Screenful

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Link cards together by setting dependencies between them across multiple boards.

Card Delete Logo

Card Delete

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Delete cards in two clicks without having to archive

Card Priority by Screenful Logo

Card Priority by Screenful

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Set priorities for your cards to prioritize your work.

Forms by Blue Cat Logo

Forms by Blue Cat

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The easiest and most complete forms for Trello, integrates with custom fields and attachments

Import to Trello by Blue Cat (CSV, Excel) Logo

Import to Trello by Blue Cat (CSV, Excel)

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Import CSV and Excel files into Trello (First 10 imports FREE 😻)

Swimlanes by Blue Cat Logo

Swimlanes by Blue Cat

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Swimlanes for your Trello Boards, group cards by Label, Member, Custom Fields and more😻FREE😻

Costello Logo


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Trello Tree View Logo

Trello Tree View

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A tree style view for Trello

Email for Trello Logo

Email for Trello

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Manage your shared inbox in Trello. Send and receive with Gmail, Outlook or any email provider. Powered by SendBoard.

SubTasks Logo


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Manage complicated projects by grouping tasks and tracking completion.

Advanced Comments by AJ (unsupported) Logo

Advanced Comments by AJ (unsupported)

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A focused WYSIWYG editor for card comments.

Copy & Link Logo

Copy & Link

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Link cards across multiple boards and show the linked card's status on the parent card. 💡

Starred Cards Logo

Starred Cards

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Star the cards that matters the most to you ⭐️

Card Family Logo

Card Family

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Associate cards with each other on a parents-to-children relationship

Assista | Time Tracking Bot Logo

Assista | Time Tracking Bot

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⌛Track your time effortlessly without start/stop buttons. Monitor the `in progress` projects of your kanban team

Pomorello Logo


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Track Pomodoro sets entirely within Trello

Processes for Trello Logo

Processes for Trello

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Establish effective team routines with powerful card dependencies and flexible process templates.

Manny Logo


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Move multiple cards with ease!

Kanban WIP by Corrello Logo

Kanban WIP by Corrello

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Set WIP limits across one or more lists. Control your WIP, reduce your lead time!

Card Reactions Logo

Card Reactions

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Express yourself in Trello with Card Reactions - use emoji to vote, celebrate, and more!

Activity timer Logo

Activity timer

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Effortlessly track your time with full history of previous recordings.

SumUp Logo


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Add values to your cards, such as dollars or hours, and show the total at the top of each list. 💡

Print Board Logo

Print Board

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Get a printable overview of your board with all the lists and cards in your board. Customize which lists and fields to print.

Card Duration ⏰ (by Placker) Logo

Card Duration ⏰ (by Placker)

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Free Power-Up - View Card Duration 🕘, Time Left ⏲ & Time (over) due ⏰ on your cards

Card Age Badge Logo

Card Age Badge

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Introducing a sleek and dynamic badge that showcases card age with style!

Card Priority Badge Logo

Card Priority Badge

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A simple badge to show the priority of the card

Card Annotations Logo

Card Annotations

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Utilize emojis to radiate and emphasize key information, collect votes on certain topics, share emotions and opinions on your cards.

Outlook Calendar for Trello Logo

Outlook Calendar for Trello

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A Power-Up to bring your Outlook Calendar and Trello Tasks under one view.

Effort / Impact Logo

Effort / Impact

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Prioritise tasks in Trello quickly and easily with Effort/Impact

Leaner Coffee Logo

Leaner Coffee

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Everything you need to conduct a Lean Coffee session!

Pivot Table (by Logo

Pivot Table (by

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Pivot table functionality for Trello boards (cross-tabs by custom fields, members, lists, etc.)

Stars Logo


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Оценивайте карточки звездочками

NextPrevious Logo


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Jump to the next or previous card in your list without closing the currently open card. 💡

Wishlist Logo


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Keep an overview and track future expenses: gifts, vacations, company purchases etc. All in one place with prices, photos and notes.

Insights Logo


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Instantly get insight into the health of your board and lists

Card QR Code Logo

Card QR Code

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This Power-Up displays a **QR code** that contains the active card's url. This **can be printed and used as a physical link to the card**.

Umble Card Numbers Logo

Umble Card Numbers

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😺 A better way to reference cards.

Add Image - By imgX Logo

Add Image - By imgX

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Add images to your card description directly from your card.

PinCard Logo


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📌 Pin cards to the top of lists, so they never get lost!

Mind Map & Flow Chart Logo

Mind Map & Flow Chart

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Arrange your cards in a mind map or flow chart on a whiteboard

Discord Notifications Logo

Discord Notifications

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Connect your boards to Discord and be always up-to-date

Featuring Logo


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Featuring is a lightweight feature management power-up for Trello.

3D Viewer Logo

3D Viewer

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View 3D files right in your card, FBX, OBJ, STL, GCODE.

Text to Cards Logo

Text to Cards

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Transform your longform texts into neat little Trello cards.

Card Frames (iFrames) Logo

Card Frames (iFrames)

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Add iFrame to any Trello Board Card

Sums Logo


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Sum custom fields across your board

Merge Checklists Logo

Merge Checklists

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Combine checklists across your board

Links (Bulk Actions family) Logo

Links (Bulk Actions family)

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Track progress of multiple cards from parent card.

Pocket a Card Logo

Pocket a Card

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Elevate card organization beyond simple archiving

Dependencies Graph Logo

Dependencies Graph

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Definiuj zależności pomiędzy kartami w formie czytelnego grafu!

Font Keren Logo

Font Keren

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Make your board and card fonts attractive with the Font Keren Power-Up.

Aimwise - Free Planning and Dependencies Tool Logo

Aimwise - Free Planning and Dependencies Tool

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👨‍💻 🔥 Focus on the main thing! A simple and powerful tool for setting up, managing and visualizing goals and sprints.

AutoPlan Logo


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Supercharge planning with AI-generated tasks, enhanced descriptions and automatic checklists for your Trello boards!

API Developer ID Helper Logo

API Developer ID Helper

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Easily copy/paste technical Ids of Boards, Lists and Cards in order to use them in the Trello API

Excelefy (Export and Import Trello Cards to Excel) Logo

Excelefy (Export and Import Trello Cards to Excel)

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Sync your Trello boards with Excel. Easily export and import your board cards to Excel Sheet.

Checklist Progress Bar Logo

Checklist Progress Bar

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This Power-Up allows you to show the percentage of checklist items completed with a simple visual style with colors according with the value

Tables & Spreadsheets Logo

Tables & Spreadsheets

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🦖 Seamlessly create tables in cards for organized data management 🚀

Switcheroo Logo


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Copy lists and switch out variables inside cards at the same time!

Ezy Update Tracker Logo

Ezy Update Tracker

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Acompanhe a atualização de seus cartões nos seus quadros do Trello.

Reescribir Textos Logo

Reescribir Textos

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Reescriba el título y las descripciones de su tarjeta fácilmente con Reescribir Textos para una mayor claridad y compromiso.

Card Description History for Trello Logo

Card Description History for Trello

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Trello Card Evolution – Empower your Trello experience with a comprehensive history of card description changes

Hidynotes Logo


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🔐 Admin chooses managed private notes for specific users.

Expensefy (manage Expenses on Trello cards) Logo

Expensefy (manage Expenses on Trello cards)

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Seamlessly add new expense to your Trello cards and manage your expenses without using spreadsheet.

Wordefy (Export card to Word) Logo

Wordefy (Export card to Word)

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Export your Trello cards to Word documents in a single click! Wordefy automatically transfers all card details directly into a new Word doc.

Drink Card Logo

Drink Card

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Organise your craft beer life with beer cards and brewery information from Untappd.

Ezy Temporary Card Logo

Ezy Temporary Card

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Crie cartões temporários nos seus quadros do Trello.

Standard Deviation Logo

Standard Deviation

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A free power-up that allows you to calculate the “standard deviation” in the simplest way.

Critical Value Calculator Logo

Critical Value Calculator

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Critical Value Calculator calculates T, Z, F, CHI square and R value

Slope Calculator Logo

Slope Calculator

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The slope calculator is a simplest power-up that calculates the slope of a line using two points or the equation of line

Card Cover Refresher Logo

Card Cover Refresher

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Automatically refresh Card Cover images

Easy Fields (generate custom fields on cards ) Logo

Easy Fields (generate custom fields on cards )

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Create unique fields for every card, like drop-down menus, text and transform your Trello boards into information hubs using Easy Fields.

Number of Card-is for Trello Logo

Number of Card-is for Trello

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This Power-Up allows you to display the number of cards on the board

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