All free File Management Power-Ups

With just a handful of power-ups in this category we've not created our top picks. Take a look at the full list below and feel free to consider them all 'top' power-ups

All free power-ups

Import to Trello by Blue Cat (CSV, Excel) Logo

Import to Trello by Blue Cat (CSV, Excel)

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Import CSV and Excel files into Trello (First 10 imports FREE 😻)

Portant Document Merge Logo

Portant Document Merge

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Card-to-Document | Generate Google Documents from your Trello Cards and attach the file back onto the card (works with Custom Fields)

Add Image - By imgX Logo

Add Image - By imgX

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Add images to your card description directly from your card.

Office Hub Logo

Office Hub

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The power of Microsoft Office on your Trello board

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