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Development teams are one of the largest groups using Trello. Although a lot of teams migrate to tools like Jira or etc. plenty still prefer the simplicty and control they get with Trello.

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Top free power-ups for development teams

Agile Tools by Corrello Logo

Agile Tools by Corrello

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Agile Tools is the most installed agile power-up for Trello, and it is completely free! Mainly used for adding story points to cards it also integrates with the popular agile reporting tool Corrello. Integration with Corrello adds cycle time data to your cards as well, but for free the Agile Tools power-up lets you track story points and set WIP limits on your Trello boards.

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Agile Tools by Corrello Logo

Agile Tools by Corrello

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⭐FREE Story Points and WIP Limits⭐ - Agile Tools is fully integrated with Corrello Agile Dashboards

Epic Cards by Screenful Logo

Epic Cards by Screenful

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Group cards into larger bodies of work, epics. As cards are completed, the progress of the work is shown in the epic card

Streak - habit tracker Logo

Streak - habit tracker

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Create habits by tracking through Trello cards!

Card Size by Screenful Logo

Card Size by Screenful

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Set weights (e.g. hours or story points) for your cards to estimate how much work each card requires.

Scrum by Vince Logo

Scrum by Vince

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Agile toolbox to manage your Sprints and make your life easier.

Booklet by Vince Logo

Booklet by Vince

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The Swiss Army knife to master sorting, exporting, checklist conversion, and more to make Trello even more powerful!

Pomorello Logo


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Track Pomodoro sets entirely within Trello

Scaled by Screenful Logo

Scaled by Screenful

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Manage Trello at scale: Group cards into larger bodies of work, epics. Set sizes and priorities to cards and set dependencies between them

Kanban WIP by Corrello Logo

Kanban WIP by Corrello

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Set WIP limits across one or more lists. Control your WIP, reduce your lead time!

Story Points for Trello Logo

Story Points for Trello

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Weight the task, Feel light

Project by Vince Logo

Project by Vince

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Bounce between your project boards.

Gaming Backlog Logo

Gaming Backlog

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Integrate with Steam to track your unplayed video games.

Smart Deadlines Logo

Smart Deadlines

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Calculates due dates on cards using appointments from your iCal calendar.

Card Frames (iFrames) Logo

Card Frames (iFrames)

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Add iFrame to any Trello Board Card

Scrum Poker Logo

Scrum Poker

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Perfekcyjne planowanie sprintów i estymacja zadań!

API Developer ID Helper Logo

API Developer ID Helper

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Easily copy/paste technical Ids of Boards, Lists and Cards in order to use them in the Trello API

User Picker for Trello Logo

User Picker for Trello

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Pick the users to task, Assignee, Tester and Reporter

Card Description History for Trello Logo

Card Description History for Trello

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Trello Card Evolution – Empower your Trello experience with a comprehensive history of card description changes

好心情 Logo


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Shape Up Board for Trello Logo

Shape Up Board for Trello

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Hill Chart and Scope Mapping for seamless practice of Shape Up on Trello

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