Ultimate Guide to Flexible Reporting, Dashboards and Charts for Trello

These Power-Ups allow more control over the charts you can show. They may not have some of the charts mentioned elsewhere and instead aim to be a more general purpose reporting solution for Trello teams. Some offer a lot more flexibility than others and we start with 3 of those. Others (namely the built in options from Trello) are more limited but still worth a look, especially as they are available in paid Trello accounts for no additional cost.

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Reports by Blue Cat

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Blue Cat Reports for Trello

Blue Cat Reports lets you add the charts you want, then Drag and Drop them to set up any report you might want.

These are fully featured reports with various chart types (bar, count, pie, line, etc) each of which you configure to select which Cards to include. This can be Cards open/added/completed on one or more Boards. Cards can be filtered based on fields from Trello (including Custom fields) as well some of Blue Cat's own calculated data (such as Time in List). You can also opt to show a count of the number of cards or take counts from custom number fields.

Chart types supported include

  • Counts: Just a big number! You can click and drill into this to see the Cards
  • Bar Charts: Grouped by pretty much anything you might want, you can drill in to see the Cards and perform some further ad-hoc filtering
  • Pie Charts: Same as bar charts, but a pie
  • Lists: These show a table of Cards, you can select the columns you want to show
  • Historical charts: ie for showing cards completed or added over time
  • Time to Complete charts: showing how long work takes to complete, again broken down by most fields in Trello

They also have ‘Quick Lists’ which allow you to get a table of Cards with filters on the left hand side to quickly find the Cards you want. These can be saved (ie as someone’s daily Todo list) or just created to answer a quick question then closed.

Reports and Quick Lists can both be set to be emailed to you on a schedule. You can open the reports directly in Trello, or on the bluecatreports.com site. This is useful if you want to display a report on a screen in your office or in a meeting. You can also export any of the reports or charts to an image or as a CSV/Excel file.

Pricing starts at $4/month per member.

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Trello Dashcards

Dashcards is built by the team at Trello and lets you add ‘Dashcards’ to your Boards. Dashcards are a new type of Card which displays some metric or other. You can see their default options above but there is also a ‘custom’ option which lets you set up filters across a limited number of Card attributes (Board, List, Assignee, Due, Label) but no custom fields. This is probably enough for a lot of the reporting people would want, but beware there are limitations when setting up these Cards. The cards are limited to displaying a single number, so no pie/bar or historical charts. On the back of the Cards you can drill in to see a table of the Cards included in the count. By default all the cards start with a background image, if you find that a bit noisy on your board you can change the background to just be a colour 😊.

There are two ways I could see this power-up being used

  • Creating a master dashcards board which has overviews of important numbers from other boards in your workspace. This could be good for people outside the team to get an overview of key data, and maybe then explore those metrics by digging into the actual cards in Trello.
  • On each Board, to have some key metrics in the list on the left or at the top of key lists. This could be good for the team working on that board to keep track of anything important for them to be aware of each day.

As this is something from the team at Trello it is included for free, and now that any team can have unlimited Power-Ups you don’t even need a paid account to access this pup. It is another reporting tool from Trello which is still in beta, so watch this space for updates (we will be and will update you here as things change). For now dashcards is a nice way to get some simple counts directly on a Trello board but still fairly limited in terms of reporting capabilities.

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Analytics & Reports by Screenful

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Screenful Charts view

Analytics & Reports by Screenful is basically just the Charts and Reports sections of their Screenful Dashboards product. For the same price you seem to get access to more custom charts and reports, probably because that is all there is in there. If you were looking at Screenful and really liked the custom charts and reports but weren’t so bothered on the agile metrics/charts then this could be the one for you. For more details see our full review of Screenful.

Analytics & Reports by Screenful has no free tier, prices start at $39/month for 2 custom reports and 10 custom charts.

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Trello Workspace Table

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Trello Workspace Table View

Get a table of Cards from any number of Boards (within the same Trello Workspace) and filter by some basic Trello fields (assignee, label, etc.) One of the benefits here is that you can also update the cards from the table. So this is great if you have a group of Cards you need to review periodically and add/remove labels, or move lists etc. The limit on reporting on Cards within the same Workspace is hopefully not a blocker for most people. However, not being able to see or filter on custom fields could be a blocker for many. If you have business class already this is worth checking the workspace table out as it may fill a gap for you and costs you nothing.

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Trello Dashboard View

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Trello Dashboard View

The Trello Dashboard view is still technically in beta since it’s launch in early 2021. They have added a few new features since then, and this is one to keep an eye on as they hopefully add more capabilities in future. You can quickly generate pie/bar/line charts showing a breakdown of Cards on your current Board by the list they are in, assignee and due status etc. The reporting options here are pretty limited and are restricted to reporting on a single Board. Unless you really just want to see how many cards are in some fairly simple groupings you’re not going to get much value from this view.

However, this is a work in progress and is included in Business Class for free. We will update the details here as/when they add more features.

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