Build your high level view for Trello

Report on anything, anyway you want with our simple (but powerful!) Drag and Drop reports for Trello.

Blue Cat Reports

Reporting for Trello

Start putting the data around your process to good use.

Easy to Setup

Get setup quickly with our smooth wizard which is designed to guide you when creating your reports.

Custom Field Support

We know how important Custom Fields are when using Trello, so they get first class support.

Share with your team

Analayze and discuss your data with the rest of the team, invite them in to Blue Cat Reports for free or use our share and export features.

Visualize and Analyze your Trello Data

We bring years of experience in developing dashboard and reporting tools to the Trello platform to help you get ontop of your processes in Trello.

Build your own Daily Update Report
Build your own Daily Update Report

Quickly and easily create and edit (Drag and Drop) Reports across multiple Boards with all the charts you need. Check your reports daily to keep on top of your process

Quick Lists
Quick Lists

Just want an easy way to get a list of cards or Checklists matching your criteria? Our Quick Lists capability allows for quick and easy quering across any of your Trello Boards.

Weekly/Monthly Analytics Report
Weekly/Monthly Analytics Report

Create reports for you and your partners outside the team, ideal for weekly or monthly meetings to check on progress on your Trello Boards.

Pricing Tailored to your team

7 day free trial on all accounts, enterprise pricing available on demand.

$ 4.00

  • Dynamic reports
  • Query Trello Data
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$ 39.00

  • Dynamic reports
  • Query Trello Data
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