The #1 Reporting Tool for Trello

Create summary reports for your Trello projects. See all your data in one place. With our easy to use Power-Up

The #1 Reporting Tool for Trello

Project status reports for all your Trello boards

Trello is great for managing the day to day work, but it's hard to see the bigger picture. Our easy to use report editor lets you add any chart you want to create the report you and your team needs. You can pull data from any number of Boards to see the true status of all your projects in one place.

Generate in-depth custom reports
Report on all your
							Trello Boards

Our reports can pull data from any Board you can see in Trello, combine tasks together in the simple summary your team needs today.

Easy to create

Simple to Create

Our simple wizard helps you create exactly the charts you want, no complicated set up just great looking reports with the data you need.

Keep your stakeholders happy

							Cards by Project Pie Chart

Everyone wants to know what's going on inside the team, now you can save time and easily create the reports your boss keeps asking you for.

Micro Focus

Andra Babigian

There isn't really any other reporting tool/app in Trello, other than Blue Cat, that legitimately does reporting
Schedule daily,
					weekly and monthly email reports

Email Summary Reports - Daily, Weekly or Monthly

Whether it is a simple list of cards or checklists matching your filters or a full blown project activity report, you can get your Trello reports emailed to you on the schedule which suits you.

Daily reports for your team so they know what to work on.
Weekly reports to monitor progress or plan your week ahead.
Monthly reports for your boss to show work productivity, capacity and activity.

You can send our email summary reports to anyone in your organisation, no need for them to be a user in Blue Cat or Trello.

Trello Activity Reports

Report on
							user activity in Trello

Create activity reports showing who is working on what, who has done what and how long it has taken them.

Trello Time Reporting

Simple to

Generate Time to Complete charts showing how long work takes at any stage of your process. Show historical data for any time period.

Custom Field Reports

Report and Query on Custom Fields

Trello custom fields are great, now they're even better because you can filter and report on them in our reports!

Natalie Hecker

Natalie Hecker

Blue Cat reports have been a tremendous help in allowing us to understand and improve our workflow process. The reports are easy to use and just one click away!

Report on your Trello Boards, Cards and Checklists

We bring years of experience in developing dashboard and reporting tools to the Trello platform to help you see the full picture.

Report on your Trello Cards
Report on your Trello Cards

Create Trello card reports across multiple boards. Easily filter to just the cards you want then display them as tables, counts or charts on your dashboard.

Report on your Trello Checklists
Report on your Trello Checklists

Trello checklists now include due dates and can be assigned to members. We let you filter and report on all of those things. Don't let your teams checklists hide on your Trello boards any longer.

Megan Ruediger

Megan Ruediger

Schmidt Family of Companies

Blue Cat Reports enabled our company to pull & present data from Trello that we haven’t been able to uncover with any other add-ons. The reports are easy to create, fully customizable and beautifully designed.

Pricing Tailored to your team

7 day free trial on all accounts, enterprise pricing available on demand.

$ 4.00/member

  • Dynamic reports
  • Query Trello Data
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$ 39.00/member

  • Dynamic reports
  • Query Trello Data
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Can I cancel any time?

You sure can! We will keep your subscription active until the end of your current subscription period.

Do you count observers?

Observers are not counted towards your subscription.

How does pricing work?

We base pricing on the number of members on the Boards you select to report on. You can create Reports for as many Boards as you want, we then count the full members of those boards when calculating your subscription.

Can I install Blue Cat Reports for just one Board?

Absolutely. You can install Blue Cat Reports on which ever Boards you want. Pricing is based on the Boards you create reports for however, we only include members on those boards when calculating your subscription.

Does the same member on multiple boards just count once for billing?

Each member is only counted once, regardless of the number of boards they appear on.

Do I need Trello Business Class to use Blue Cat Reports?

You do not need Trello Business Class to use Blue Cat Reports.

Can I try Blue Cat Reports for Free?

Yes! We have a 7 day free trial as standard. You can get an extension if you need, just drop us an email.

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