Who is Blue Cat Reports

Blue Cat Reports is built by Cherry Wood Software Ltd. a small distributed team

The team

Robin - Founder

Robin has years of experience in software building reporting tools for the BBC, NHS and others in the UK. If you book a demo it will be wth Robin, he's answering emails from customers most days as well as heading up product and marketing for the team.

Maciej - Senior developer

Maciej writes the majority of the code for all our pups, and has to dubious honor of inheriting all of Robin's old code from when Cherry Wood was a one man band.

Silvia - Customer Supprt

Silvia is the teams nominated extrovert and handles customer support for all our Power-Ups as well as writing the help docs.

Eddie - Design and front end development

Eddie is the reason th Power-Ups look so good :) He is an exprt in UI/UX and as an ex developer handles a lot of the actual implementation of our design work.


Blue Cat Reports isn't our first rodeo! We have built other Power-Ups for Trello and continue to add more (check out the links in the footer for the latest list)

The first Power-Up was Corrello built in 2016. Back then the company was Robin in a spare bedroom in his house, his first daughter was born the same month he left his previous job and started the business. Over the years the company grew and the team has gradually been put together to ensure we had the strongest people in each role and enough bandwidth to support the Power-Ups we were creating.

Tools we are thankful for!

We use a bunch of stuff to build our Power-Ups, React for the frontend, AWS for hosting etc. Here are some we are particularly fond of though!

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