It's forms! for Trello!

Forms, fully integrated with your Trello boards

Blue Cat Forms

Create forms for your Trello Boards

The easiest forms solution which fully supports all the fields on your Trello Cards.

Easy set up
Easy set up

Simple drag and drop editor to create your forms, use our conditional logic to show/hide form fields based on other selections.

Pricing Tailored to your team

Get 2 months free by paying annually!


  • 25 Form Submissions/month
Get started!

$ 19

  • 100 Form Submissions/month
Get started!

$ 39

  • 1k Form Submissions/month
Get started!

$ 79

  • 10k Form Submissions/month
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Can I cancel any time?

You sure can! Cancel at any time and we will stop invoicing you immediately. You can request (and recieve) a refund for any payments made in the previous 30 days.

Can I export my data?

Absolutely! check out our help article on exporting forms data from Trello.

Do you count observers?

Observers are not counted towards your subscription.

Can I create reports from my form data?

While we don't include any reporting options right now, because we store all the data in the fields on your Trello cards you can use any reporting options which work with Trello. Check out our help article on [reporting on form data in Trello](/help/articles/reports/).

How does pricing work?

We base pricing on the number times your forms are completed each month. You can create as many forms as you like, and invite as many users in to work on the forms with you. The only thing we care about is how many times people complete your forms each month :)

Can I install Forms for just one Board?

Absolutely. You can install Forms on which ever Board or Boards you want.

Do I need Trello Business Class to use Blue Cat Forms?

You do not need Trello Business Class to use Forms.

Can I try Blue Cat Forms for Free?

Yes! We have a free tier which allows a smaller number of form submissions each month.

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