Swimlanes for Trello

Get the FREE Power-Up that adds swimlanes to your Trello Boards

Trello Swimlanes

Add horizontal swimlanes to easily see your Trello board by member, label or custom field 😎

Totally FREE: simply add the Power-Up to your Trello Board to get started

Group by Label
Group by Label

Whatever you use labels for, see your where your cards are in the process grouped by label.

Group by Custom field
Group by Custom field

Group by your custom drop down, text or number fields. See your cards broken down by your data.

What are Swimlanes?

Swimlanes let you break your Trello board up and show only cards for a single member/label/etc in each grouping. It is probably easier to show you it working than try to explain it 😺

Swimlanes animation

How to show Swimlanes in Trello

  1. Add the Trello Swimlanes Power-Up to your board
  2. Open the Power-Up from the board button
  3. Select how you want your Swimlanes grouped: Member, Label or Custom Field

How to use Trello Swimlanes

The first thing people often do is group by Member to see each team members work load individually. You can see who has the most work planned, who has work at what step of the process and etc. If you are using labels or custom drop down fields, grouping by those can be a great way to understand your data from a new perspective. You can even group by custom number or text fields.

You can also use Swimlanes to view your Trello cards as sub tasks. If you assign a custom field value as the top level task (ie website migration) then you can group by that custom field to see cards as subtasks of each parent task.

You can even drag and drop cards in the swimlanes view. For example you can drage between member swimlanes to change the assignment, or between labels and to add/remove the respective labels.

Swimlanes for Trello

Get the FREE Power-Up that adds swimlanes to your Trello Boards

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