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IT and Project Management is another area with a lot of great power-ups to pick from. As you might expect from a project management tool! Check out our top picks below, or scroll down to the full list

Top free IT & Project Management power-ups

List Limits Logo

List Limits

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List limits lets you set simple WIP limits for each list. Although it doesn't actually limit the number of cards in each list, it does give you some visual feedback when you go over your limit. Because this power-up is developed by Trello it can do some things other power-ups can't, such as changing the colour of the lists when you go over your WIP limits and working in the mobile app. Super useful for teams trying to manage the number of cards in individual steps in their process.

Card Numbers by Reenhanced Logo

Card Numbers by Reenhanced

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Card Numbers is a super simple power-up which does just what it says on the tin. Add the power-up to get a unique number assigned to each card.

Time Tracker - Chronos Logo

Time Tracker - Chronos

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Chronos is a super simple to use time tracking tool which operates completely within Trello. No subscription or account with an external application required. We have a more complete review of Chronos and other time tracking options in our Trello time tracking guide.

All free power-ups

List Limits Logo

List Limits

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Set a limit on your lists to highlight them if the number of cards in it passes the limit.

Timeline, Calendar, Time Tracking by Planyway Logo

Timeline, Calendar, Time Tracking by Planyway

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Resource planning, roadmap, time tracking, reports, multi-board view, swimlanes, recurring tasks, dependencies, Gantt chart, Google calendar

TeamGantt Logo


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View your cards in a beautiful timeline with the popular project scheduling tool used by thousands of customers in over 120 countries.

Card Numbers by Reenhanced Logo

Card Numbers by Reenhanced

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Expose Trello's internal card numbering on every card

Countdown Logo


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A countdown to when your important tasks are due!

BigPicture Logo


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BigPicture Gantt chart power-up for Project Portfolio Management. Structure your tasks on a timeline - calendar. Work like a pro in Trello!

Epic Cards by Screenful Logo

Epic Cards by Screenful

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Group cards into larger bodies of work, epics. As cards are completed, the progress of the work is shown in the epic card

Streak - habit tracker Logo

Streak - habit tracker

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Create habits by tracking through Trello cards!

Card Dependencies by Screenful Logo

Card Dependencies by Screenful

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Link cards together by setting dependencies between them across multiple boards.

Card Priority by Screenful Logo

Card Priority by Screenful

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Set priorities for your cards to prioritize your work.

Card Done Logo

Card Done

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✅ One button to finish your Trello cards! Includes due date automation and more ⚡️

Burndown for Trello Logo

Burndown for Trello

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Costello Logo


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Trello Tree View Logo

Trello Tree View

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A tree style view for Trello

Matrix for Trello Logo

Matrix for Trello

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Add a customizable two-dimensional matrix to your board. Packed with features, it is great for making a Risk matrix.

Card Size by Screenful Logo

Card Size by Screenful

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Set weights (e.g. hours or story points) for your cards to estimate how much work each card requires.

Smart Fields Logo

Smart Fields

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Custom Fields on steroids - Use formulas to update Trello cards just like in Excel!

Time Tracking Power-Up by Everhour Logo

Time Tracking Power-Up by Everhour

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Free time tracker for Trello. Set estimates, track time, generate detailed reports, export CSV. Unlimited users.

SubTasks Logo


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Manage complicated projects by grouping tasks and tracking completion.

Scrum by Vince Logo

Scrum by Vince

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Agile toolbox to manage your Sprints and make your life easier.

Copy & Link Logo

Copy & Link

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Link cards across multiple boards and show the linked card's status on the parent card. 💡

Starred Cards Logo

Starred Cards

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Star the cards that matters the most to you ⭐️

Card Family Logo

Card Family

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Associate cards with each other on a parents-to-children relationship

Scaled by Screenful Logo

Scaled by Screenful

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Manage Trello at scale: Group cards into larger bodies of work, epics. Set sizes and priorities to cards and set dependencies between them

Activity timer Logo

Activity timer

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Effortlessly track your time with full history of previous recordings.

Card Duration ⏰ (by Placker) Logo

Card Duration ⏰ (by Placker)

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Free Power-Up - View Card Duration 🕘, Time Left ⏲ & Time (over) due ⏰ on your cards

GoodGantt Logo


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Realtime Gantt Chart

Story Points for Trello Logo

Story Points for Trello

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Weight the task, Feel light

Effort / Impact Logo

Effort / Impact

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Prioritise tasks in Trello quickly and easily with Effort/Impact

SLAs for Trello Logo

SLAs for Trello

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Track the time your cards spend in lists against SLA goals.

Time tracker by Tracking Time Logo

Time tracker by Tracking Time

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Simple Time Tracking for Trello. Easily track your Trello Cards and get automatic timesheets 🥹

Project by Vince Logo

Project by Vince

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Bounce between your project boards.

Featuring Logo


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Featuring is a lightweight feature management power-up for Trello.

Flash Logo


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🔍 Monitor the lead times of your cards in one click !

Visitors Check-In Logo

Visitors Check-In

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Get notified when your guest arrives. Touchless check-in for your guests and a professional welcome.

Breakdown Structure Logo

Breakdown Structure

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Break down your project in a hierarchy (WBS), that can sync to multiple Trello boards.

Smart Deadlines Logo

Smart Deadlines

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Calculates due dates on cards using appointments from your iCal calendar.

Scrum Poker Logo

Scrum Poker

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Perfekcyjne planowanie sprintów i estymacja zadań!

Sums Logo


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Sum custom fields across your board

Protokoll-Tool Logo


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Erstellen Sie standardisierte Besprechungsprotokolle im PDF Format

Workspace Reports Logo

Workspace Reports

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Build dynamic table-based reports

Dependencies Graph Logo

Dependencies Graph

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Definiuj zależności pomiędzy kartami w formie czytelnego grafu!

view26 Reports Logo

view26 Reports

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Flexible and Simple Trello Reporting. Easy Custom Charts, Dashboards and Reports right within Trello

Outlook MailTracker Logo

Outlook MailTracker

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Seamlessly integrate email into Trello cards, boosting productivity and organization.

Aimwise - Free Planning and Dependencies Tool Logo

Aimwise - Free Planning and Dependencies Tool

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👨‍💻 🔥 Focus on the main thing! A simple and powerful tool for setting up, managing and visualizing goals and sprints.

Card Age for Trello Logo

Card Age for Trello

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Badge to display time spent since creation

Any Fields Logo

Any Fields

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Create and customize fields with diverse types, share them across multiple boards and harness the power of robust reporting tool.

Excelefy (Export and Import Trello Cards to Excel) Logo

Excelefy (Export and Import Trello Cards to Excel)

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Sync your Trello boards with Excel. Easily export and import your board cards to Excel Sheet.

Ezy Update Tracker Logo

Ezy Update Tracker

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Acompanhe a atualização de seus cartões nos seus quadros do Trello.

User Picker for Trello Logo

User Picker for Trello

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Pick the users to task, Assignee, Tester and Reporter

Expensefy (manage Expenses on Trello cards) Logo

Expensefy (manage Expenses on Trello cards)

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Seamlessly add new expense to your Trello cards and manage your expenses without using spreadsheet.

Invoicefy (Manage and track invoices on cards) Logo

Invoicefy (Manage and track invoices on cards)

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Simplify invoice tracking with Invoicefy. Add expenses directly to our user-friendly list.

Shape Up Board for Trello Logo

Shape Up Board for Trello

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Hill Chart and Scope Mapping for seamless practice of Shape Up on Trello

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