Ultimate Guide to Reporting Board Utilities for Trello

Sometimes something simple is the best way to go, maybe you can get the reporting you want directly on your Trello boards? The tools here add more information to the front of your cards or add new types of cards to your Trello boards.

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Card Aging

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Card Aging by Trello

The original! Card Aging can work in two modes

  • Regular mode: Cards start to disappear over time
  • Pirate mode (shown above): Cards get an old-pirate-map feel over time

What controls the appearance of the cards is the time since the last activity on them. Activity includes card moves, comments, changes to assignees/labels etc. There is no control over the lists it acts on, so if you’ve got an ‘about this board’ or ‘notes’ list it’s going to look mighty piratey mateys YARRR! 🏴‍☠️.

It’s free, it’s a bit cute (maybe a bit too cute?) but if you want to see time since the last activity displayed visually this is a free way to get that.

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Time in List

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Time in List Card Badges

Time in List (mentioned previously) also shows how long cards have been in their current list or on the current Board. This is slightly different from Card Aging by Trello in that card activity doesn’t reset the timer, the timer only resets when the card moves list. Time in List also shows the actual amount of time the card has been in that list, not just making the card disappear or go pirate’ey. Probably a bit more practical for managing SLAs or WIP age for Kanban teams.

Check out the full review for more details of the time tracking and charting capabilities.

Pricing is $3/member monthly.

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See our full review of Dashcards. Dashcards is from Trello and lets you add a new kind of Card to your Board. Dashcards display a count based on a filter you configure. Check out the full review for more details

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Swimlanes by member

Swimlanes is a simple but powerful way to view your Trello boards. This free power-up lets you split your board up by assigned member, label or custom field. This is a great way to get an overview of where everyone's work is at, or to see work broken down by label or etc. You can also drag and drop between the lists and swimlanes to update the cards in Trello.

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