9 ways to use forms for Trello


There are almost as many ways to use forms to improve your workflow as there are teams using Trello (maybe more!) but let's look at 9 ways we've seen teams using Blue Cat Forms with their Trello boards.

Collecting leads

  1. Create a form to link to or embed on your website.
  2. Leads can fill out the form which creates new cards in Trello

Also consider adding automations to do things like

  • Lead scoring: depending on the responses set a custom field to show if this is a Hot/Warm/Cold lead
  • Auto assign different members based on the form response

Creating reports for your form responses can get even more insights into your sales process.

Collecting ideas to write about for your blog or mailing list

Include a link to a form from each email you send to your mailing list, or at the bottom of each blog post. Ask people "What would you like us to write about next?" to get a constant stream of ideas on topics your audience would like you to cover.

Recruiting - candidate application form

Got a job opening to fill?

  • Create a new board in Trello
  • Add custom fields for the questions you want to ask your potential recruits
  • Add the Blue Cat Forms Power-Up and create your form, include an attachment option so they can submit a CV/Resume
  • Post your job far and wide, with a link to your form
  • As people apply they will appear on your board
  • Move cards through the process on your board as you weed them down to a short list and eventually
  • Hire the perfect candidate!

If you are building a recruitment pipeline in Trello please also check out Send Board which lets you send and recieve emails directly within Trello. We use it alongside Forms everytime we recruit for the team here 😺

Guarantee people enter required data for your Cards

Maybe you accept requests into your Trello board from other teams within your business. But, do they always fill out all the data they should?

Save time chasing people for more information by creating a form for people to submit their requests. You can set fields as required to be sure they give you the information you need. You can even have multiple forms for the same board if you have different types of request which need different pieces of data.

Collecting maintenance jobs from tenants in a shared space

Maybe you are running a co-working space, a retirement property or a holiday village. Create a form so people can submit maintenance jobs they have for you. This can include the ability to upload a photo of the problem.

Your maintenance team can then pick up the jobs using the Trello mobile app, mark them as complete and upload an image of the completed job.

Collecting feedback from your customers (NPS surveys?)

Send your customers a form to collect feedback after a purchase or as part of an NPS survey of existing users. For physical events or businesses you could create a QR code for your form so people can open them from their tables.

Creating reports for your form responses can show summaries of your customer satisfaction now and over time.

Collecting issues for your team retrospective

Have a single form your team can always access to log issues during the current work iteration. Then when you have your retrospective it is easy to open the board the cards are created on to see all the issues people logged.

Volunteer application form

Collecting volunteers for a role? Put up a simple form and let people enter their details straight into Trello. With the custom fields set up in Trello it will be easy to see who can do what and pull your ideal team together.

Collect video, audio or photo submissions for a competition

Run an online competition and let people submit their entries as video, photos or audio samples. Your judges can then view and vote on the submissions in Trello before you declare your winner!

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