Create reports from your forms data


You're collecting all your form responses, but maybe you want to create some reports to get further insights into the data?

We actually did this with our own Blue Cat Forms beta process.

  1. We created a form so people could request access to the beta of forms before we officially launched.
  2. This form created a card on our Forms beta users board
  3. We managed the process of getting people access and collecting their feedback on this board
  4. But... we also wanted to understand things like which features were most requested, how many people we had at different stages in the beta and etc.

Enter the best reporting tool for Trello 😻

Report on Form data from Trello

Because our forms integrate with all the fields in Trello, any reporting solution built for Trello will be able to display all of the data from your reports.

We used Blue Cat Reports but you could of course use any other solution, including the in-built reporting options Trello provide. We actually had this report emailed to the team daily so we could keep track of the beta process and make sure we were responding to new requests as they came in.

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