Scheduled Cards Due This Week


Scheduled Cards Due This Week

Want to see how many cards are due this week? This chart will assume that you are using due dates on your Cards in Trello.

To get started, create a Count or List for open Cards.

  1. At the filter stage, you will opt to use a filter.
  2. Here you will select "This Week (Mon-Mon)" or "This Week (Sun-Sun)" depending on your work week.
  3. Give your chart a name. Hit the "Save" button or press enter.

You can repeat these steps for any other date filtering options.

  • In the past - this will show all Cards with overdue due dates.
  • None - this will show all Cards without a due date assigned.
  • Before __ days from now - here you can see Cards due "x" days from today. For example, if you had a deadline coming up in 10 days, you could set it as "Before 10 days from now" and you would get all Cards with due dates within 10 days from today to see what you had left to complete.

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