Sales Opportunities Value - By Single Sales Rep


Sales Opportunities Value - By Single Sales Rep

This chart will show you a brief at-a-glance view of the total value of the leads a single sales rep on your team has assigned to them or is working on. This can be helpful if you want to see more specific details on what each member of your team is working on.

This chart assumes you are using a List(s) to identify your sales funnel, along with our other Sales Teams Recommendations. We are also assuming you are using a numerical custom field to indicate the value of each lead.

To get started, create a Count or Sum for open Cards.

  • At the "Totals" stage, you would select "Sales Value" to generate a sum of that custom field.
  • At the "Filter" stage, you would apply a filter for Member. You would then select which Sales Rep you wanted to display data for. You would need one of these for each of your Sales Reps.
  • You would also want to apply a filter for List, and select the List(s) you use to identify all stages of your sales funnel.
    • If you have several stages in your sales funnel and have separate Lists for each stage, you could also choose to view one List at a time to see how much is in each stage of your funnel.

Should you want to break the data down even further you could apply additional filters at this stage to display the following:

  • By Source: You would apply a filter for your dropdown custom field, "Source", then select whichever source(s) you would like displayed.
  • By Prospect Category: You would apply a filter for your dropdown custom field "Prospect Category" and select which category you would like displayed.

Once completed, you can drill down in to the chart to see exactly which Cards are being included in this count by clicking on the large number.

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