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Trello Keyboard Shortcuts - Ultimate Guide

Trello Tips

Mastering the art of keyboard shortcuts is like learning a secret language that unlocks the hidden powers of Trello. Become the envy of your teammates as you move cards around the board like a card-wielding wizard! 🧙

To make this adventure a little more organized, we'll group the shortcuts by functionality. So, buckle up, and let's dive in! 🚀

Our top 5 most useful keyboard shortcuts

  • Q: "Show my cards"
    • Pressing Q will filter any board to only show you your assigned cards.
  • ?: Show all available keyboard shortcuts
    • Why wait? Summon the almighty list of shortcuts at any time to remind yourself of your newfound powers!
  • Space: Assign or remove yourself from a card
    • Hover over a card (or see below how to navigate cards with the keyboard) and press space to add or remove yourself as the assignee
  • C: Archive the selected card
  • Any number key: Add the label matching that number to your card
  • Great for quickly adding and removing your most used labels

Trello Board Shortcuts

Moving Cards: The Dance of the Lists 💃

Do the Trello shuffle! Glide cards effortlessly through your lists like a hot knife through butter, or a salsa dancer through the night.

Navigate from one card to the next

  • : Left
  • : Right
  • ↑/J: Up
  • ↓/K: Down
  • <: Move the card to the list to the left
  • >: Move the card to the list to the right

Card Creation and Management: The Art of Birth and Change 🎨

  • N: Create a new card in the current list
    • Like a phoenix from the ashes, summon a new card into existence.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + C: Copy a card
  • Ctrl/Cmd + V: Paste a card
  • Shift + Enter: Instantly edit the new card after setting it's title
  • E: Edit the selected card
    • This will open the quick edit menu and let you change the card title
  • Enter: Open the selected card
    • Abracadabra! Open the card to reveal its secrets.

Filtering shortcuts

  • Q: Filter the board to show only your cards
  • F: Show the filter control to filter by keywords, labels, members or due dates
  • X: Clear all filters
  • /: Open the search filter to search across all your boards and even Confluence and Jira


  • ;: Show/Hide label names on the front of cards
  • B: Open the search to find boards by name
  • [: Open/Close the boards nav on the left
  • ]/W: Open the board menu on the right
  • Z: Undo last action
  • Shift + Z Redo last action

Trello Card and Checklist Shortcuts

Use these shortcuts when...

  • You are viewing the back of a card.
  • When you are hovering your mouse over a card.
  • You have selected a Card using the arrow keys (see above).
  • You are hovering the mouse over a checklist item (selected shortcuts only, see below)

Due Dates, Labels, etc: Organize like a Pro 📅

  • L: Add or remove a label from the selected card
    • This shortcut lets you see all the labels on your board as well as quickly assign them to the selected card.
  • 0-9 keys: Hit any number key to add the matching label to the card.
  • D: Set a due date for the selected card or checklist item
  • Space: Assign yourself to the selected card or checklist item
  • T: Edit the title of the card
  • S: Subscribe to the selected card
    • Never lose track of your favorite cards again! With a quick s, you'll be in the loop like a hula-hoop champion.
  • -: Add a checklist to the card

Trello text formatting shortcuts

Be sure to check out our Trello Formatting Guide

  • @: Mention a member in a comment
    • Start typing and you will get suggestions for members to assign
  • Ctrl/Cmd + B: Bold selected text
  • Ctrl/Cmd + I: Italicize selected text
  • Ctrl/Cmd + K: Add a hyperlink to selected text


  • V Vote for the selected card
  • Esc: Cancel editing or close any open dialog

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Use these shortcuts wisely, and you'll be the most efficient and organized Trello user in the history of... well, Trello!

Now go forth, young Trello padawan, and dazzle the world with your keyboard wizardry! 🧙‍♂️✨

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