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Top Trello Power-Ups from 2021


The latest version of these stats are here: Top Trello power-ups from 2022

Every month we pull some stats to use internally from the Trello Power-Up directory. This year we decided to pull all of this together into a blog post showing some of the interesting numbers and most popular Power-Ups, new and old, from the last year. If you just want to know our all time favourite Power-Ups, then check out our favourite Power-Ups and our guide to reporting for Trello 😻.

New Power-Ups by month

When we compiled these stats for the end of 2021 there were 247 Power-Ups listed in the power-up directory. 47 (so nearly 20%) of those launched in 2021, an average of about 4 new pups a month. In most months there are a few new Power-Ups launched, but it is interesting to see so much action in December last year and such a quiet time in March. As we start tracking this data monthly in 2022 it will be easier to look back and see more about the actual Power-Ups launched each month.

Top 10 New Power-Ups in 2021

Of the newly launched Power-Ups in 2021 all of those listed below managed to get more than 1,000 board installs. The move to allow unlimited Power-Ups on both free and paid plans no doubt helped growth for all Power-Ups. However, the top spot taken here by Amazing Fields was probably helped by another Trello decision, to remove their Custom Fields Power-Up and make it part of their paid tiers only.

We actually list more than 10 Power-Ups here as a number all managed equal 3rd place with 1,000 board installs. If you are looking for interesting new Power-Ups from the last 12 months definitely take a look through these.

! Amazing Fields ! Logo

! Amazing Fields !

Custom Fields add-on with everything you always wanted but didn't know to ask.
File Manager Logo

File Manager

Organize all of your board's attachments in one place. Bulk download and bulk delete files from your Trello board.
Board Chat Logo

Board Chat

Have you ever wanted to leave comments on a Trello board - not on a specific card?
Backups for Trello Logo

Backups for Trello

Work safer with automated Trello backups & on-demand recovery
Card Duration ⏰ (by Placker) Logo

Card Duration ⏰ (by Placker)

FREE Power-Up - View Card Duration 🕘, Time Left ⏲ & Time (over) due ⏰ on your cards
Expense Trackello Logo

Expense Trackello

An easy, simple, and convenient way to track expenses!
PageProof Logo


Keep track of your PageProof proofs in Trello to stay organized and on top of projects.
OKR Cards by Screenful Logo

OKR Cards by Screenful

Track your objectives and key results to improve focus and align teams around company goals.
Show Attachments Logo

Show Attachments

Show attachments at the front of the card.
Last Seen Logo

Last Seen

See when team members last seen the board or open the card.
Toggl Integration for Trello Logo

Toggl Integration for Trello

Toggl integration for Trello is an easy way to operate with time tracker without leaving a Trello board
External Share Logo

External Share

Securely share specific Trello cards, lists, and attachments with external clients, contractors, and stakeholders.
Portant Document Merge Logo

Portant Document Merge

Card-to-Document | Generate Google Documents from your Trello Cards and attach the file back onto the card (works with Custom Fields)
Board and Card Keys Logo

Board and Card Keys

Generate unique IDs and short-links for all the cards on your Trello board.
Card Approvals Logo

Card Approvals

Easily request 👍 Approvals from your coworkers or clients on Trello and keep work moving forward.
Board workflow (by Placker) Logo

Board workflow (by Placker)

Save hours per week, every week. Create workflows across Trello boards to automatically copy, move and mirror cards across boards.
Clockify Integration for Trello Logo

Clockify Integration for Trello

Clockify integration for Trello is an easy way to operate with time tracker inside a Trello board
Forms by Blue Cat Logo

Forms by Blue Cat

The easiest and most complete forms for Trello, integrates with custom fields and attachments
Google Sheets + Trello 2-Way Sync Logo

Google Sheets + Trello 2-Way Sync

Sync Trello cards and Google Sheets rows with this powerful integration.
Personas Logo


Create user and buyer personas. Share them with the team. Assign them to cards. Ensure a customer perspective at all times.
Gantt chart (by Placker) Logo

Gantt chart (by Placker)

Gantt chart and Resource Planning all-in-one project management for Trello by Placker

Top 10 Fastest Growing - Third Party

Looking now at all power-ups currently in the directory, not just new ones from the last 12 months. The Power-Ups listed below were the fastest growing 3rd party Power-Ups of 2021. We have separated out the Trello/Atlassian owned Power-Ups from the 3rd party Power-Ups as otherwise the Trello/Atlassian ones tend to dominate the listings.

All of these Power-Ups have been around for some time, although some a lot longer than others. If you wanted a quick list of what Trello users think are the best Power-Ups out there right now, this would be a great place to start.

Planyway: Calendar, Timeline, Time Tracking  Logo

Planyway: Calendar, Timeline, Time Tracking

All you need for visual resource planning and project management in a single tool
 Gmail by Cardbox Logo

Gmail by Cardbox

Free – powerful shared inbox. Use Gmail in Trello, view and attach emails, reply from your board. Connect multiple inboxes.
Bulk Actions Logo

Bulk Actions

Perform actions (move, custom fields, change labels, delete, etc.) on multiple cards in one go. Search/filter. Track dependencies.
Crmble Logo


Crmble makes customer relationship management a piece of cake
Zapier Logo


Automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on your most important work. Zapier connects Trello to 1000+ apps.
2-Way Board Sync and Mirroring Logo

2-Way Board Sync and Mirroring

Sync cards across multiple Trello boards and keep them in sync. Build powerful workflows across all of your Trello boards.
Card Numbers by Reenhanced Logo

Card Numbers by Reenhanced

Expose Trello's internal card numbering on every card
Countdown Logo


A countdown to when your important tasks are due!
Streak - habit tracker Logo

Streak - habit tracker

Create habits by tracking through Trello cards!
Board Export (Excel, CSV, PDF, Image) Logo

Board Export (Excel, CSV, PDF, Image)

Share select parts of your board with anyone by exporting (by list) as a spreadsheet, PDF or image.
Approvals for Trello Logo

Approvals for Trello

Get approval on Cards from your teammates using Trello!

Top 5 Fastest Growing - Trello/Atlassian

These are the fastest growing Power-Ups owned by Trello/Atlassian. Another great bunch of tools you can use to improve your Trello experience.

Calendar Power-Up Logo

Calendar Power-Up

Visualize Trello cards in a calendar view.
List Limits Logo

List Limits

Set a limit on your lists to highlight them if the number of cards in it passes the limit.
Evernote Logo


Create and attach notes right to your Trello cards, and see when they were last edited.
Giphy Logo


Search, Share & Make All The GIFS!
Jira Logo


Eliminate context switching and ensures every member of your team is always on the same page.
Confluence Cloud Logo

Confluence Cloud

Attach Confluence pages to Trello cards to manage content, strategy, and ideas right in Trello.

Power-Ups by Category

Every Power-Up is listed in up to 2 categories within the Power-Up directory. Here we track the total number of Power-Ups in each category as well as the total number of board installs across all Power-Ups in each category.

Total number of Power-Ups listed per Category

Here we see how many Power-Ups are currently listed in each category. This shows where Power-Up developers are seeing the most opportunities to improve and extend Trello. Our top 3 of IT Project Management, Board utilities and Communication/Collaboration will become a bit of a theme.

New Power-Up listings per Category

Here we see how many new Power-Ups were launched in each of these categories in 2021. We have the same top 3 again, but also have Analytics and Reporting taking the joint 3rd position. Interestingly we see no Sales & Support Power-Ups added in 2021, possibly everything which needs to be done there has already been done?

Total Board Installs per Category

This shows the total current number of Board Installs for every Power-Up listed in each category. Again we see the same top 3 but heavily leaning towards Board utilities and Communication and Collaboration. Being a Board Utility is probably the 2nd category choice for a lot of Power-Ups and Communication and Collaboration is, I guess, what Trello is all about. Although the numbers drop off massively after those two we can get some idea of how Trello users most commonly upgrade and improve their Trello experience.

New Board installs per Category

Here we see a slightly different picture showing the number of new board installs for each category over the last 12 months. Board utilities and Communication/Collaboration now take second and third place as IT & Project Management takes the number 1 spot with nearly 900k new board installs in 2021! After the usual big 3 we see Analytics and Reporting leading the rest of the pack but not by much.

See you next month?

That's it for our 2022 round up of the Power-Up directory over the last 12 months. We will be back in February and every month after that with the latest developments in the Power-Up directory. If you want to know when we publish that and other news from us then drop your email address below 😺

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