Cards Added to Board by Type


Create a chart to view the Cards added to your Board by Type.

Added Cards by Type:

Added Cards by Type
  1. Create a new chart.
  2. Select either "Bar Chart" or "Pie Chart" from the menu options.
  3. Select your chart width preference. This is how much space your chart will take up on your dashboard.
    • For Pie Charts we recommend 1/2 width to best see all the chart Labels
  4. Select Cards added to Board to show all the Cards added to the Board(s) you would like to report on.
  5. Select which Board(s) you would like to report on.
  6. Select Type to group your data based on the Custom Field Type.
If you are using Labels for Type: Select to group by Labels at this step. We will filter later to only show the Type Labels. We recommend using Custom Fields instead of Labels as it makes the integration a lot simpler and keeps your Trello Boards tidier.

Custom Fields is available with most paid Trello accounts.

  1. Select Cards to count the total number of Cards.
    Note: This step will only show if you have numeric Custom Fields on your Cards. If you do, you can also choose to sum the values from those instead of counting Cards.
  2. Select No Filter at this step to see all the Cards added to your selected Board(s).
If you are using Labels for Type: Select Filter and add a filter for Labels to select just those Labels which are Type Labels.
  1. Give your chart a name, ie "Cards Added to Board by Type". Hit the "Save" button, or press enter.
After you're finished...

Once you're chart is complete you can do the following:

  • Drag and drop this chart tile anywhere you like within your dashboard.

  • Hover your mouse over different parts of the chart to show further details on your specified data.

  • Drill down (by clicking on the chart) and see full details of completed Cards and the time they took.

    Note: Drilldowns are only available once you click 'Done' in the top right.

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