Using Blue Cat Forms for Recruitment


Using Blue Cat Forms

We recommend using Blue Cat Forms to handle all of your candidate application submission. Blue Cat Forms is a powerful and customizable form building power-up that is the perfect solution for using alongside Blue Cat Reports to maximize this template.

Creating a Candidate Application Using Blue Cat Forms

To get started, create a new form for your candidate application.

Fields We’ve Included:

  • Applicant Name - Add a text field in and call it Applicant Name. Select “Card Title” to denote this field will be the Card’s title.
  • Department - From your Custom Fields section, add a Department custom field. This will allow the candidate to select which department they are applying for.
  • Status - If you are hiring for multiple positions (ie. Part Time, Full Time or Contractor), add a Status custom field.

Notes: Renaming any of the Custom Fields you use as Form fields will not change how they appear on the candidates card once it is submitted. Renaming these fields only changes how it appears to the candidate using the form.

  • Text Fields - If you want to gather more information from a candidate during the application, add as many text fields as you require. We recommend adding a separate field for each question you want to ask your candidates to keep the information separated when it is added to the card. These details will appear in the Card description.
  • Expected Salary - You can choose to add the Salary custom field here if you want to give the candidates the opportunity to outline their salary expectations.
  • CV and Cover letter - If you want to give your candidate the opportunity to include a cover letter or CV with their application, add an Attachment field to your form. Anything included will appear as attachments to the card.

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