14 Project Management memes for 2022

Project-management Fun

Sometimes Project Managers need the perfect meme to capture how they're feeling. Take a look at these 14 memes we've pulled together to get 2022 off to a great start.

Monday mornings be like

You're back in the office after a break and feeling great, how long does it take before you're dragged back down?

Darth Project Manager

You probably shouldn't model your project management style on Darth Vader, but it would make some things a lot simpler 😀

Deliver that project on time? or...

You know you feel this pressure! what you going to do?


For when you definitely respect the deadline

Management material

At least when someone dumps the blame on you, you've got the perfect meme!

You're managing your project how?

Obviously we have some opinions on a good project management tool

When your project is almost going too well...

Don't ask!

Put it on the backlog...

For when you're totally in control of things

At least if you can keep all of the on-fire parts of your project together in one place things shouldn't be able to get any worse right?

What was on your other screen?!

When you finally understand the company strategy

Well done me!

You deserve a medal!

Can you hear me...

Working from home can lead to some deterioration...

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