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New ACTIONABLE email reports for your Trello boards help improve your team performance


OK, I'll admit it. The old email reports Corrello sent out were rubbish :(

Especially compared to the new ones! :) If you want analytics and reporting to help you improve your team performance delivered direct to your inbox you'll love the new email reports.

For those of you sprinting you will see your latest burndown chart, the trend for how much work was left at the end of the last 3 sprints and how much work was added or removed from those sprints. You can use this to look for trends, such as

  • Are you regularly leaving a lot of work uncompleted at the end of each sprint? Perhaps you are over committing when sprint planning
  • Is work regularly added into the sprints? This could be putting pressure on your teams, maybe you need to push back more on unplanned work coming into the sprint.

There is also information on

  • Which cards took the longest to complete recently
  • What your Cycle time trends are looking like
  • Your recent work in progress trends

As well as the last 3 weeks (or sprints) trend for all the stats you've asked Corrello to track for you.

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