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Daily briefing emails for Scrum teams using Trello


We're all busy right? You're busy, I'm busy, that go over there... what's he even doing? well, at least he's busy!

Too often we're too busy for our own good though and can't take the time to get the information we need to make the most of our days. Enter Corrello's small move to help you get the information you need at the start of every day. The Daily Scrum team briefing email!

All Scrum teams using Corrello now get this email each morning (around 8am), No need to miss the important information you need to act onĀ because you haven't got time to open Corrello.

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In this email you can see

  • Top line stats about cards completed, added, removed and re-estimated in the current sprint
  • The current Burndown chart,Ā are you on target for the sprint?
  • The cards in progress, where they are and how long they have been in progress for
  • Cards added, removed, re-estimated and completed

This makes it super easy to keep on top of things going on in your boards and to never miss an important change again, even if you don't have time to check Corrello every morning.

If you are a Scrum team using Corrello you should start receiving these emails soon. If you aren't currently using Corrello why notĀ check out our Free Trial?

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