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Burndowns! CFDS! cycle time! label counts! all for Trello - It's Corrello V2


I'm happy to announce a slew (is that the correct collective noun?) of new features in Corrello.

Trello is a popular tool for managing agile projects and it works great for the teams day to day work. However, it could be a bit betterĀ on the reporting side of things. The new features in Corrello V2 further close the gap between Trello and other Scrum/KanbanĀ focussed project managementĀ tools. Here's a look at some of the bigger ones.

For Scrum teams

Burndown charts

Choose which list holds your sprint backlog and you can get a burndown chart showing the ideal burdown vs how you're currently progressing. Learn more about Corrello burndown charts for TrelloĀ or about Corrello for Scrum teams.


For Kanban teams

Cumulative flow diagrams

Does what it says on the tin. A cumulative flow diagram showing how many cards (or points) were in each list historically. Learn more about CorrelloĀ cumulative flow diagrams.

Cycle time scatter plots

A cycle time plot showing how longĀ completed cards were in progress for vs they day they were completed. There is also a table showing cycle time percentiles. You can learn more about our Cycle time for Trello or all Kanban for Trello features on the main site.

cycle_time_scatterĀ cycle_times

For everyone

Count story points orĀ cards

Corrello now integrates with story point data from the popular Scrum for Trello plugin.

Stats on your labels

Get counts of bugs, important tasks or any other label important to you.


Backlog delivery dateĀ estimates

Need a rough delivery date for a card, or want to know how long the next version will take. You can now get all that by including your backlog in Corrello.


If you've not tried Corrello yet give it a go for free over at

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