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Analytics for Trello

Looking for a powerful tool for Trello analytics? Don’t let Trello’s lack of analytics reports keep you in the dark on your team’s productivity. Delve into your Trello data in a way no other Power-Up offers with Blue Cat Reports.

Visualize and analyze your Trello data easily with beautiful and customizable charts and reports. Then use our insights to streamline your workflow, manage your priorities, flag any issues, optimize your output and boost productivity in the long run.

Easy to Setup

The Blue Cat Reports wizard guides you through the process of setting up your Trello analytics and creating your reports.

Customise and share with team

Customise your reports from Trello analytics to your requirements with our easy drag-and-drop function, then export them to Excel or send them via email to anyone interested!

Natalie Hecker

Natalie Hecker

Blue Cat reports have been a tremendous help in allowing us to understand and improve our workflow process. The reports are easy to use and just one click away!

Visualize your Trello analytics

Trello is a powerful task management tool that generates a huge amount of data. Without a Trello analytics tool, you’re missing out on important insights into your team’s output and productivity. Leverage this data to drive your project management strategies with Blue Cat Reports.

Get daily, weekly & monthly productivity updates
Get daily, weekly & monthly productivity updates

Leverage Blue Cat Reports to monitor your team’s hard work on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even annual basis. Once you’ve created a report, you can export it to Excel. Alternatively, you can subscribe to receive the report via email on the schedule you want. You can track everyone’s workload with just one click: generate daily reports flagging all cards with today as a deadline, create a weekly summary of the tasks completed, or analyse the team’s efforts over the course of a month.

Manage SLAs & prioritize tasks based on real data
Manage SLAs & prioritize tasks based on real data

Forget about fighting over priorities in your team meetings, missing delivery dates, and letting clients down. Ensure you’re meeting deadlines and fulfilling your SLAs by basing your priorities on your Trello analytics. Have the report emailed to you exactly when you need it ready to present in your next project management meeting. Working in the office? You can even display the report on a screen and watch the numbers update in real-time!

Track your team’s productivity
Track your team’s productivity

Save valuable time wasted manually checking which cards are assigned to which members and how long is spent on each task. Let Blue Cat Reports automate the process of gathering your Trello analytics around team productivity.

Keep your team on track

keep your team on track

Let your team members focus on the actual tasks at hand, rather than getting distracted juggling cards assigned to them across multiple boards. Blue Cat Report’s Quick Lists allow each member to see all their open tasks in one place at once.

Set up a quick list in seconds by selecting everything assigned to any given team member, including checklist items. The cards can then be refined by list, due date, or any other filter to show exactly what needs doing and when.

Generate in-depth custom reports

Generate in-depth custom reports

Collect and analyse any Trello analytics you could reasonably want with Blue Cat Reports. See the status of every card on every board, compile insights for an overview of multiple boards, or drill down on specific data for in-depth insights.

Megan Ruediger

Megan Ruediger

Schmidt Family of Companies

Blue Cat Reports enabled our company to pull & present data from Trello that we haven’t been able to uncover with any other add-ons. The reports are easy to create, fully customizable and beautifully designed.

Share your Trello analytics with stakeholders

Share your Trello analytics with stakeholders

Need to present your team’s productivity and capacity to partners who don’t use Trello? Not a worry. Export your Blue Cat Reports Trello analytics to Excel, print your reports, send a link to them in Trello, or send regular updates via email on the schedule you want. Keep everyone in the know with just one click with Blue Cat Reports.

Pricing Tailored to your team

7 day free trial on all accounts, enterprise pricing available on demand.


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